How to play

Destroy the virus

In this game mode you have got to try and destroy waves of viruses the way you start the game is press the deploy the virus button a random virus will appear somewhere on the map. At the start of the game you get ten medpacks when you deploy the virus you need to try and destroy it so it doesn't spread but that almost impossible to do.

To use the medpacks you have got to press or tap onto one of the virions, if it says that you have no medpacks then if you click onto the virion nothing will happen you get media is replenished over 50 day.

If the virus infects 50% of the world then you lose the game the point is the game has a counter of days so you have got to try and make the virus take over slowly so the longer you survive the better we will put in a feature so you can put up your scores on to the internet.

Infect the world

In this mode you have to try and infect the world but only with one virus and the game only stops when you get to hundred % so it's the perfect mode for getting highscores and checking out new viruses.

To start the game fist you have got to either choose a virus from the ones we made or make your own (we will add more viruses overtime).

We will add a posting feature so you can post your score online.

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